You Can Still Reach Him With Retargeting Ads.

Professional photos increase customer confidence and make buying decisions easier. 9. Email them if they leave their carts If a client has registered in your online store and subscribed to the newsletter, then you have the official opportunity to contact him by e-mail. Use email automation services to send reminder emails for pending purchases. A friendly hint won’t hurt, just make sure your message stands out: Has a “catchy” theme; Mentions one specific (popular) product; Written creatively; Offers a discount (but be careful with this, otherwise customers will start leaving baskets on purpose in the hope of getting a lower price.

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Offers the opportunity to use them. Send them emails if they leave carts See also: Coupons are the only way to avoid abandoned carts? 10. Use retargeting ads to win back customers Even if the customer leaves your site or doesn’t open the reminder email, the Nigeria Phone Number battle is still not lost. From left to right: the prospect → visits your site → leaves without placing an order → later they start searching online your ad captures their attention again and brings them back → the potential client turns into a real satisfied customer From left to right. The prospect  visits your site  leaves without placing an order  later they start searching online.

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Captures their attention again and brings them back → the potential client turns into a real satisfied customer If you’re not familiar with retargeting , we’ll briefly explain how it works. Someone sits in the office and loads the pages of your online store until they find the desired product. Then, out of nowhere, the boss appears, and your potential client BJ Leads hastily closes the browser tab. Typical situation. How can I get this customer back? Using retargeting ads! In this case, cookies are important – website data stored in the browser and allowing you to track the web pages you visit. Thus, if the user left your store right before the purchase, then it makes sense to show him a targeted ad that reminds him of the product.

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