Ways to protect your corporate online reputation

It is enough for a negative event related to our company to be publicized in the digital media for Google to start indexing them and showing them on the first page of results for searches that include our brand. If a company does not have strong, unified and properly maintained online profiles, it is very easy for these negative events to remain on the first page of Google results for months or even years. At Capybara Seo we offer the Corporate Online Reputation Management service through SEO strategies. 1. Check search engines at least once a month Check search engines It’s not enough to search for information about your company every year (or even every three or six months). Customers are writing about companies in record numbers online, on blogs and on social media.

To find out what people are saying

About you search for your business on the major search engines. Additionally, you can check industry-related community websites for mentions that may not show up in a major search engine, but are still relevant to your customer base. Consider setting up an RSS feed or automatic alert to help you track this information. Google Alerts is a great tool to see Algeria Phone Number List when your name appears in search engines right away. To create an alert, go to the Google Alerts home page, then type your name in the “Create an alert about…” box. You can select whether you want to receive email alerts as your name appears, once a day, or once a week. 2. Create your business profile Nearly everyone doing business today (including prospects and repeat customers) relies on the power of the web to find service providers and obtain information.


This is why it is important to create

Your business profile on the web and on all social networking sites. Even if you don’t intend to use Twitter for business, create an account in your name on that network so no one else can use it. 3. Set policies and hold someone accountable for enforcing them Wear your BJ Leads reputation responsibly Because online communication is constant, you should have a consistent process and policy in place to manage your online reputation. Determine what customer service actions can be taken across different channels and make monitoring of those channels part of your company policy. If you work in a large corporate environment, designate one person in charge of monitoring online mentions and responding to comments according to company policy. This person should be someone who has a solid working knowledge of social media.

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