Technical SEO know the main resources to guarantee the health of your blog

Andre Mourinho May 15, 19 | 8 min read We tell you everything that a technical SEO strategy includes and how to implement it Many times we are so concerned with the SEO of each of our content that we forget about technical SEO. In this article we will talk about its importance to attract the organic traffic that you are looking for so much for your blog in your Content Marketing strategy . One of the first things considered important for creating new content is SEO knowledge.

What are the goals of technical SEO?

When writing an article, the writers focus on following all the necessary recommendations so that it can obtain a good position in the Italy Phone Numbers SERPs. However, considering all the SEO tips that may exist is not enough to position new content. Technical SEO is also very important to achieve a preferred place on the first page of Google or any other search engine. You want to know why? Then come with me! What is technical SEO? Technical SEO is the rules that the configuration of a website must follow in order to stand out before Internet search engines.

What are the pillars of technical SEO?

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In this way search engines can interpret the content of your blog and register it. Together with advanced SEO techniques in each of the contents, it BJ Leads is possible to achieve a good position, not only for new entries but also for your entire blog. What are the goals of technical SEO? There are many specific objectives, but in the general scope of the strategy there are two main ones: Get a good position in the SERPs Just as the objective of SEO is that when placing a keyword , Internet search engines identify the value of your content. Technical SEO aims not only to highlight content in search engines, but your entire website.

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